David Key at the UU Church

Today we went to the UU (Unitarian Universalist) Church to hear David Key give a 30 minute talk about his organization, AARCH. AARCH stands for the African American Resources Cultural Heritage and David Key is its president. An interesting Q&A followed David’s lecture.

I learned that AARCH is trying to establish an African American Heritage Center in Frederick. It’s not going to be a museum, but a Heritage Center. This seems to imply that it will be a place of learning and not merely a building full of artifacts. A location is yet to be determined and there was a request by one of the AARCH members for the public’s help in this mission.

I learned about the racial segregation of Baker Park, schools and the Weinberg. It was interesting to learn about the Laboring Sons Memorial Park. You cannot have a conversation about the Black community of Frederick, Maryland without bringing up All Saints Street. Even though the Frederick Historical Society conducts tours of All Saints Street, it was noted that there is perhaps a richer history there that is not covered. This is a topic that I hope to present in podcast form, so please stay tuned.

AARCH is at http://aarchsociety.org

Laboring Sons Documentary…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIcN5ozG7nM

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